Bruce R. Rosendahl Lewis Weeks Professor of Marine Geology and Geophysics
Biography Ph.D., Earth Sciences, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (Univ. Calif. San Diego) 1976.
Research Interests Divergent Plate Margins; Rift Zones and Rifted Margins; Genesis of Oceanic Lithosphere; Passive Margins; Seismic Data Interpretation; Marine Seismic Refraction; Multifold Seismic Reflection; Seismic Data Processing.
Recent Publications 1992 Rosendahl, B.R., Meyers, J., Groschel-Becker, H., and Scott, D., Nature of the transition from continental to oceanic crust and the meaning of reflection Moho, Geology, 20: 721-724.

1991 Meyers,J.B., and Rosendahl,B.R., Seismic reflection character of the Cameroon volcanic line: Evidence for uplifted oceanic crust, Geology, 19: 1072-1076.

1991 Rosendahl,B.R., Groschel-Becker, H., Meyers, J.B. and Kaczmarick, K., Deep seismic reflection study of a passive margin, southeastern Gulf of Guinea, Geology, 19: 291-295.

1990 Rosendahl, B.R., Scholz, C.A. and Scott, D.L., Development of coarse-grained facies in lacustrine rift basins: examples from East Africa, Geology, 18: 140-144.

1989 Rosendahl, B.R., African Rifting, Co-Editor of Special Volume of Jour. of African Earth Sciences (Pergamon Press), 8: 137-629.

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