Falk Amelung

Active Volcanism and Tectonics, InSAR, Remote Sensing

Keir Becker

Marine Geophysics

Patricia Blackwelder

Biomineralization, Scanning Electron Microscopy

Jacqueline Dixon

Igneous Petrology and Geochemistry

Timothy Dixon

Tectonics, Geodesy and Remote Sensing

Gregor Eberli

Seismic Stratigraphy

Robert Ginsburg

Carbonate Sedimentology

Mark Grasmueck

Applied Geophysics

Christopher Harrison


James Natland

Igneous Petrology and Marine Geology

Larry Peterson

Micropaleontology, Paleoceanography

Pamela Reid

Carbonate Sedimentology

Gene Rankey

Carbonate Sedimentology, Remote Sensing, GIS, Complex Systems

Peter Swart (Chairman)

Isotope Geochemistry and Paleoclimatology Geology

Shimon Wdowinski

            Space geodesy, Wetland Hydrology, and Tectonics



Voluntary Research Assistant Faculty

Philip Kramer

            Coastal Processes; tropical marine; applied remote sensing; spatial GIS modeling


Emeritus Faculty

Bruce Rosendahl

Exploration Geophysics


Secondary Appointments

David E. Fisher

Professor, Isotopic cosmochemistry of the rare gases; Fission/Particle track analysis; Radioactive dating.

John Gifford

Associate Professor, Marine Affairs & Policy

David C. Kadko

Associate Professor, Marine and Atmospheric Chemistry

John R. Southam

Associate Professor, UM, Geological Sciences. Paleoceanography; Paleoclimatology; Marine Biogeochemical Cycles.

Harold R. Wanless

Professor, UM, Geological Sciences. Sedimentary processes, sequences and diagenesis of carbonate

Tokuo Yamamoto

Professor, UM, Applied Marine Physics

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