Peter K. Swart

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Lewis G. Weeks, Professor of Marine Geosciences

Head of the RSMAS Stable Isotope Laboratory



B.Sc. University of Sheffield, Natural Environmental Sciences, 1976

Ph.D. Geochemistry, Kings College, University of London, 1980.

Post Doctoral Fellowship, University of Cambridge, 1980-1983.


Research Interests


Stable Isotope Geochemistry Stable Isotope Laboratory; Carbonate Diagenesis; Sedimentology and Petrology Comparative Sedimentology Laboratory ; Cosmochemistry.



Courses Taught

  • Geochemistry, MGG 513
  • Diagenesis of Carbonate Sediments, MGG 671
  • Stable Isotopes in Biological and Geological Sciences, MGG 650
  • Techniques in Ecosystem and Policy ECS 301
  • Introductory Oceanography MSC 101


Research Projects

  • The Climate Dynamics of the Atlantic
  • Sclerosponges/Corals
  • Carbonate Diagenesis
  • Nitrogen Dynamics in the Marine Environment
  • Clumped Isotopes
  • Global Carbon Cycle through Time



Top Cited Publications



Thorrold, S., LatKoczy, C., Swart, P.K., and Jones, C. 2002. Natal homing in marine fish population, Science, 291:297-299.

Swart, P.K., 1982. The carbon and oxygen isotope composition of scleractinian corals: a review. Earth Sci. Rev., 19:  51-80.

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Swart, P.K., M.M. Grady and C.T. Pillinger, R.S. Lewis and E. Anders, 1983. Interstellar carbon in meteorites. Science, 220:  406-410.

Selected Recent Publications










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Prof. Peter Swart

Lewis G. Weeks Professor
RSMAS/MGS University of Miami
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149

Telephone: 305 421-4103

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