Robert N. Ginsburg Professor of Marine Geology and Geophysics
Biography Ph.D. University of Chicago, 1953.
Research Interests Marine Geology, Comparative Sedimentology of Reefs and Platform Carbonates, Global Sedimentary Geology.
Courses Taught
  • Seminar in Marine Geology & Geophysics, MGG 601
  • Sedimentary Petrology, MGG 661
  • Comparative Sedimentation of Carbonates, MGG 662
Recent Publications 1991 Ginsburg, R.N., Controversies stromatolites: vices and virtues, In: Muller, Daniel, W. and Judith McKenzie (eds), Controversies in Modern Geology, pp. 25-36, Academic Press.

1989 Eberli, G.P. and R.N. Ginsburg, Cenozoic progradation of northwestern Great Bahama Bank, a record of lateral platform growth and sea level fluctuations; In: Crevello, P. et al. (ed), Controls on Carbonate Platform and Basin Development, S.E.P.M. Special Publications, No.44.

1989 Prager, E.J. and R.N. Ginsburg, Carbonate Nodule Growth on Floridas Outer Shelf and its Implications for Fossil Interpretations, Palaios, 4: 310-317.

1988 McNeill, D.F. and R.N. Ginsburg, S-B.R., Change and J.L Kirschvink, Magnetostratigraphic dating of shallow-water carbonates from San Salvador, the Bahamas, Geology, 16: 8-12.

1986 Rine, J.M. and R.N. Ginsburg, Depositional Facies of a Mud Shoreface in Surinam, South America - A Mud Analogue to Sandy, Shallow-Marine Deposits, Jour. of Sed. Petrol., 55: 633-652.

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