Biomineralization Brown Bag


MGG Conference Room (Bring Lunch)

January             10        Introduction (Swart)

                                    Ries 2006

                                    Stanley 2006

                January             17        Coral Calcification (Langdon)
                                                Cohen and McConnaughey (2003)
            January             24        More Coral Calcification (Herman Wirshing)
                                                Allemand et al (2004)
            January             31        No Meeting
            February          7          Nutrients and calcification in corals(Jim Klaus)
                                                Marubini and Davies  (1996)
                                    14        No Seminar
                                    21        Calcification and Photosynthesis (Andrew Baker)
                                                Al Horani et al. (2003)
                                    28        Primary Calcification Processes (Remy Okazaki) (ppt)
                                                Raz-Bahat et al. (2006)
            March              7          Guest Seminar Isabelle Daoust
                                                                Skeleton of Euplectella sp.: Structural Hierarchy from the Nanoscale ..                                      
                                                Silicatein alpha : Cathepsin L-like protein in sponge biosilica
                                                Degradative calcification of a modern siliceous sponge….
                                    14        Spring Break
                                    21        Bicarbonate secretion in Fish (Josi Taylor)
                                                Wilson and Grosell (2003)
28          Ouabain-sensitive bicarbonate secretion in fish
            (Janet Genz) (presentation)
                                                Grosell and Genz (2006)
            April                 4          No Seminar
                                    11        Photosynthesis-Induced Biofilm Calcification and Calcium Concentrations in Phanerozoic                                                             Oceans
18                Early mineralization in a freshwater snail (Sue Ebanks)
                Marzen et al (2003)
25        The Incorporation of Strontium into Coral Skeletons (Amanda Waite)
                                                                Weber (1973)
                                                Marshall and McCulloch (2002)
Last Revised:  January 9th 2007