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The Petrophysics Laboratory at the University of Miami was established in 1991 by Gregor Eberli and Flavio Anselmetti.
The research of the University of Miami Petrophysics Group (UMPG) focuses on controlling factors of sonic velocity, porosity and permeability in carbonate sediments and rocks. The main approach is to combine petrophysical experiments with petrographical analysis and sedimentological studies to establish the relationship between sediment/rock fabric and petrophysical properties.

Research Projects in Petrophysics

Pore to Plug Scale

  • Digital analysis of carbonate rocks
  • Quantitative 2D & 3D characterization of carbonate pore geometries
  • Pressure, saturation and frequency effects on velocity dispersion in carbonates

Outcrop Scale

  • Relationship between fractures and high-resolution sequence stratigraphy

Reservoir Scale

  • Permeability distribution of drowned Miocene platform, Marion plateau
  • Decreasing uncertainties in carbonate AVO/AVA analysis


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