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Clumped Isotopes

Large scale view of the clumped isotope line at the University of Miami


1- Two vacuum lines with low and high vacuum.

2- High vacuum pumping by 170 l turbo pump with ultimate vacuum of 10-6 mbars.

3- Pressure guage;1 Penning, 5 Thermocouple and 4 Baratron manometers.

4- Combination of stainless steel with 3/8" Nuprovalves and glass (Ace)

5- Three 2 liter gas reservoirs with aliquoters for making heated and equilibrated gases

6- Thermocouple controlled heaters

7- Heated carbonate reaction carousel with 47 positions (common acid bath ex Fairbanks RIP)



Close up of clumped setup prior to connection of heated water for reaction vessel and transfer line for heated and equilibrated gases. Porapak trap is shown in the center. The amount used has now been reduced.

The Fairbanks device on the right is attached to a 251 and is not used for this method.


Close up of three 2 l bulbs of gas each filled with 400 mbars of gas with differing isotopic compositions. These gases are used for testing and making heated gases and equilibrated gases. Aliquoters can be seen at the top of the photos.

All glass blowing by PKS (and it shows).


Monica placed LN on a trap to freeze CO2 through the poropak. Lab glasses have been removed for phot purposes only.

Warming the trap to release CO2    

Close up of the reaction chamber






A new 253 plus was delivered and will be installed shortly. it will operate long side our exisiting 253 normal.