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Covid 2021





Catastrophic Dewar Failure: Note the repair on the On/Off switch


May 2017



Kissing cousins 253 and 253 plus




March 2017



What this a new 253 plus for me?



December 2016



MGS Christmas Party



April 2016




Swart, LeBlanc and Hansell


April 2013



A Visit from Washington and Lee




May 2013



Bob's 88th Birthday






May 2011


The Amangela Party


September 2010


New Delta V Advantage with Gas Bench, Conflo and Precon

October 2010

I told you to clean the Carousel!


November 2010



Source cleaning on a 20-20


December 2010



Amanda and Peter at graduation. Does not look a day over 56.



August 2010



One of two new Picarro Instruments measuring C13 in the lab.



July 2010




Monica, Angela and Amanda in front of Amanda's poster at AGU in SF. Angela and Monica won best poster awards in 2009


April 2011



The Stable Isotope Crew

Quinn Turns 25: All down hill from now


April 2010


Take you Child to work day in the Stable Isotope Laboratory


March 2010


University of Miami faculty members Colin McGinn, Karl L. Magleby, and Peter Swart are recipients of the 2009-2010 Provost’s Award for Scholarly Activity. Executive Vice President and Provost Thomas J. LeBlanc officially presented the three with the award during a special ceremony in the president’s boardroom.



September 2009



The Stable Isotope Laboratory 'Women' promote women in Science day at RSMAS (Quinn, Monica, Angela, Amanda, and Amel)



June 2009


2009 Rosenstiel Award winner Dr. Ros Rickaby (second from right) with Dr. Chris Harrison (left), Angela Rosenberg (second from left), Amanda Waite, and Dr Peter Swart (right).


May 2009


What happens when a Turbo pump encounters a bird strike