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What R We Doing?

Stable Isotope Wisdom and Other Musings



Data improves with age. If the data looks uninterpretable put it in a file and reexamine in 6 months.


A stable isotope unit (SIL unit) is a non dimensionless unit of time, weight, or distance.

An example of usage.

React the samples for 1 SIL unit of time.

Add 1 SIL unit of sample


Rule of threes.

Always have three papers, projects, proposals on the go at one time.

One paper In press,

One paper submitted and

One paper in preparation. As soon as one proposal is accepted, work on the next.

Does not apply to relationships.

Say Something Nice

'If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all' Thumper in Bambi

Also applies to reviews