Perspectives in Carbonate Geology: A Tribute to the Career of Robert Nathan Ginsburg, IAS Special Publication 41


Preface…………………………………..Swart, P.K., Eberli, G.P., McKenzie, J.A.


Dedication…………………………………………………………………Schlager, W.


Table of Contents




1-  Depth and Species-Related Patterns of Holocene Reef Accretion in the Caribbean and Western Atlantic: A Critical Assessment of Existing Models

Hubbard D.


2-    The Mystique of Beachrock

Shinn, E.A.


3-    A reevaluation of Facies on Great Bahama Bank I: New Facies Maps of Western Great Bahama Bank

Reijmer, J.J.G., Swart, P.K., Bauch,T., Otto, R., Roth, S. and Zechel, S.


4-    A reevaluation of Facies on Great Bahama Bank II: Variations in the d13C, d18O and mineralogy of surface sediments

Swart, P.K. Reijmer, J.J.G. and Otto, R.


5-    Stable isotopes of carbon and oxygen in modern sediments of carbonate platforms, barrier reefs, atolls and ramps: patterns and implications

Gischler, E. Swart, P.K. and Lomando, A.


6-    A tale of two storms: An integrated field , remote sensing, and modeling study examining the impact of hurricanes Frances and Jeanne on carbonate systems, Bahamas

Reeder, S. and Rankey, E.


7-    Rapid recycling and deposition of organic-rich carbonates within the coastal complex of southwest Florida   

Vlaswinkel, B. and Wanless, H.


8-    The paradoxical occurrence of oolitic limestone on the eastern islands of Great Bahama Bank : where do the ooids come from ?

Kindler, P. and Hine, A. C.


9-    Calcareous epiphyte production in cool-water carbonate depositional environments; Southern Australia

James, N.P., Bone, Y., Brown, K.M. and Cheshire, A.


10- Microbes versus Metazoans as Dominant Reef Builders: Insights from Modern Marine Environments in Exuma Cays, Bahamas

Andres, M., Reid, P. , Bowlin, E., Gasper, A.P. and Eisenhauer, A.


11-  Microbial Dolomite Precipitation under Aerobic Conditions: Results   from Brejo do Espinho Lagoon (Brazil) and Culture Experiments

Sanchez-Romแn, Vaconcelos, C., Warthmann, R., Rivdeneyra, M. and McKenzie, J.




12- Karst Subbasins and Their Relationship to Cross-Florida Platform Transport of Tertiary Siliciclastics on the Florida Platform  

Hine, A.C, Southard, B., Locker, S.D., Cunningham, K.J., Duncan D.S., Evans, M. and Morton, R.A.


13- Controls on facies mosaics of carbonate platforms: a case study from the Oxfordian of the Swiss Jura

Strasser, A. and V้dine, S.


14- On the Allocyclic Interpretation of the ‘Latemar Cycles’ (M. Triassic, The Dolomites, Italy) and Implications for High-frequency Cyclostratigraphic Forcing

Forkner, R.M., Hinnov, L.A., Goldhammer, R.K. and Hardie, L.A.


15- Phylloid Algal Mounds in the Paradox Basin, southwestern U.S.A. – An alternative to the in situ constructional growth model?

          Grammer, M.  and Ritter, A.L.


16-  The Cincinnati Arch: A Stationary Peripheral Bulge During The Late Ordovician

Pope, M.C., Holland, S.M. and Patskowsky, M.E.


17- Reinterpreting a Proterozoic enigma: Conophyton-Jacutophyton stromatolite reefs of the Mesoproterozoic Atar Group, Mauritania

Kah, L.S., Bartley, J.K. and Stagner, A.F.




18- Layering - What Does It Mean?

Wanless, H.


19- Falling-stage systems tract in tropical carbonate rocks

Schlager, W. and Warrlich, W.M.D.


20- Early Load-Induced Fracturing in a Prograding Carbonate Margin

McNeill, D and Eberli, G.P.


21- Markov models for linking environments and facies in space and time

Riegl, B. and Pukis, S.


22- Evaluating Validity and Reliability in High-resolution Stratigraphic Analysis

Drummond, C. N. and Marlow. L.A.