Brigitte Marie-Anne Vlaswinkel

Ph.D. student

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Research Interests: Quantitative (carbonate) sedimentology and stratigraphy

Coastal morpho– and hydrodynamics

Remote sensing and GIS


Current research

·         Sedimentologic, hydrodynamic and facies relationships of a complex coastal system: Cape Sable, South Florida

(supervised by dr. Harold Wanless). [final report submitted to ENP, June 2005]

Short video animation of project: animation (15 MB Quicktime movie)

·         Quantification of spatial-temporal patterns of tidal creek networks along carbonate-dominated shorelines using high-resolution satellite data (supervised by dr. Gene Rankey)

·         Physical modeling of tidal creek networks (supervised by dr. Gene Rankey and in collaboration with dr. Chris Paola, St. Anthony Falls Laboratory)

Experiment movies (30 MB Quicktime movies): tidal creek network 1, tidal creek network 2


Previous research

·         Airborne laser altimetry as tool for first and last stop detection in mangrove forests

·         Morpho- and hydrodynamics of a spit barrier, The Netherlands (Msc thesis)

·         Study of siliciclastic sand grain behavior in the breaker zone and the effect on sediment transport at the intertidal beach (France, UK)

·         Spatial distribution of pebbles across a beach; Eolian sediment transport on the upper beach (Argentina)

·         Prediction of future position of the coastline of Southwest Walcheren by means of stochastic analysis (The Netherlands)




2000 -

PhD student, Marine Geology and Geophysics, RSMAS, University of Miami


Master of Science in Physical Geography, Utrecht University, The Netherlands


Bachelors in Physical Geography, Utrecht University



Work Experience


Summer 2005

Intern at Chevron Energy Technology Company, Quantitative Stratigraphy group, San Ramon, California. Trend metrics of carbonate depositional environments (supervised by Paul M. Harris)

2000 – 2004

Research and teaching assistant, University of Miami. Undergraduate and graduate geology courses taught: Complex coastal systems, Sedimentary petrology, Coral reefs through time, Physical geology

1999 – 2000

Research scientist, Regional Center for Coastal Research, University of Caen (France)

1998 – 1999

Coastal engineer, DHV Environment & Infrastructure, Dept. of Hydraulic Engineering, Amersfoort (The Netherlands)



·         Vlaswinkel, B.M., 2001. The geological history and proposed origin of the Bahamas. In: Ginsburg, R.N., and G.L. Bracco Gartner, Introduction to Major Environments and Their Deposits, Great Bahama Bank, IAS Field Workshop in the Bahamas and South Florida. p. 4-10 [field guide]

·         Stépanian, A., Vlaswinkel, B.M., Levoy, F. and Larsonneur, C., 2001. Fluorescent tracer experiment on a macrotidal ridge and runnel beach: a case study at Omaha beach, North France. Coastal Dynamics ‘01, Proceedings of the Fourth Conference on Coastal Dynamics, Lund, Sweden, p. 1017-1027

·         Stépanian, A., Vlaswinkel, B.M., Levoy, F. and Larsonneur, C., 2000. Sediment transport on macrotidal ridge and runnel beach during accretion condition. Coastal Dynamics Proceedings 99, p. 235-47 [article]


Selected abstracts with presentation

·         Vlaswinkel, B. and Wanless, H.R., 2004. Wetland and tidal channel evolution affecting critical habitats at Cape Sable, Everglades National Park, Florida. Abstract with Programs, First National Conference on Ecosystem Restoration, Florida, p. 452 [abstract] [ppt]

·         Vlaswinkel, B., Wanless, H.and Rankey, E., 2004. Processes and dynamic evolution of a rapidly changing, low energy carbonate coastal system, Southwest Florida. Abstract with Programs, 23rd IAS Meeting of Sedimentology, Coimbra, Portugal, p. 284 [abstract]

·         Vlaswinkel, B., 2004. Physical modeling of tidal creek networks. Invited talk at the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, University of Minnesota, August 2004 [ppt]

·         Vlaswinkel, B.M., Wanless, H.R. and Rankey, E.C., 2003. Changing land- and seascape environments at Cape Sable, a coastal wetland complex in South Florida. Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 5, 07245 [abstract]

·         Rankey, E.C. and Vlaswinkel, B.M., 2003. Carbonate coasts as complex systems: a case study from Andros Island, Bahamas. Proceedings of the International Conference on Coastal Sediments 2003. CD-ROM Published by World Scientific Publishing Corp. and East Meets West Productions, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA. ISBN 981-238-422-7 [ppt]

·         Rankey, E, Hummer, D. and Vlaswinkel, B., 2002. Morphometrics of carbonate tidal creek systems, Bahamas and Florida: Implications for tidal flat response to sea-level rise. Abstracts with Program, GSA Annual Meeting Denver, P94-7 [abstract]

·         Vlaswinkel, B.M., Wanless, H., Robertson, W., Zhang, K and Leatherman, S., 2001. Airborne Laser Altimetry: the potential of first and last stop detection in mangrove swamps. Poster for MTS/IEEE Oceans 2001 Conference, Honolulu

·         Levoy, F., Vlaswinkel, B.M., Degryse, C., Montfort, O. and Rousset, H., 1999. Results obtained by the University of Caen during the Teignmouth pilot campaign. Abstract for the EU-MAST3 COAST3D Workshop, 15-17 September 1999, Utrecht


Honors and grants

·                  Outstanding Student of the Year Award, Marine Geology and Geophysics, 2004-2005

·                  Honorable Mention Award in the Canon National Park Science Scholars Program for the Americas 2002

·                  Everglades National Park research grant, 2002

·                  GCAGS student research grant, 2002

·                  GSA student research grant, 2001

·                  Fulbright Scholarship 2000-2001


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