Guillermina: computer wizard                                                                        Harold Wanless and I working on a deep core           


Layaan: toughest fieldassistant so far….                                                        Kelly working hard!


How to catch Gregor for a fieldday? Beer will do………                 Kurk helping a hand


Laurent: always fishing…(goliath grouper)                                        Me too, sometimes….(red drum)


Helicrew members: Ms. Vlaswinkel & Bowlin                                               Carlos and me trying hard to recover a core


Dr. Brian Haus                                                                        Mike Rebozo: best technician of the century             Laurent’s brother Xavier


Christina posing (and waiting for the tide to come up) in 5 cm water           Olivier and Brian playing with buoys and current meters

 DeWitt-Schmidt and I discussing the coastal levee flooding                       Eduardo driving the boat
Kelley very excited about the water filtering (first sample...)                        Lightning and thundering doesn’t discourage Guille

David playing with dye                                                                                  Miriam and I crawling over the tidal flats on boogy boards                                               
 Ernesto at Sandy Creek                                                                     Ingrid, my biology assistant from Montreal                                                                                         


J’adore boue! (Valerie: I love mud!)                                                   Nice red fish caught by Preston


Kelly Jackson on first day with ADP                                                 Too many mosquitos….


Olga, skilled captain from Holland                                                     Flamingo crowd: Ken, Boyd, Charles


Mud, mud, glorious mud                                                                    Urs, master in mass production of sediment trap rods


Soggy, mosquito-y lunch with Guillermina                                        Hal resting……


Helga measuring at the beach                                                                         Esther (my sister) helping a hand (November 2004)


Todd Jatras, National Geographic journalist with mud mask                                       Erik Hutchins, Waterways Producer and me                                                           

Esther and……mmm, don’t remember his name. A German doctor my sister and I ‘picked up’ in the Flamingo bar the night before….